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Upgrading my old system


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Sep 2, 2004
Hi guys. This is for my secondary pc at the office. It is the pc I had made for gaming back in 2008. I have a

Intel Q6600,

4gb (2*2gb) ddr2-800 ram,

Nvidia 8800gtx,

PC power and cooling 610W PSU,

Adata 60Gb SSD

Antec 900

LG 21 inch LCD - 1680x1050

Asrock G41C-gs r2.0

Windows 7 64 bit

My 8800GTX just failed. What should I replace it with? I think anything better than a GT 1030 would be a waste considering the other parts. But is that even compatible? The G41 chipset is supposed to be pcie v1.1 only, will that be a problem? And the GT 1030 draws power from the MoBo only, it seems, so will it be an issue?

I don't want to upgrade it completely since it's a secondary PC, instead I'd rather sell the parts and buy a new laptop. It's a pc thats mostly used for emails, excel and regular office work. If possible, I'd like the ability to play games like DotA 2 or CS:GO, and basic editting in GIMP.