Upgrading an old bicycle Schneider Shimano 3CC


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May 17, 2023
Would it be possible to make a battery for an old bicycle myself to convert it from a regular bicycle to an electronic bicycle. There is acid in batteries. If I pour, for example, acid from cucumbers or other kitchen acid into an ordinary bucket of paint and pull out 2 cables, one plus and the other minus, and plug such a bucket with a lid and connect these cables to the socket, would such a bucket make a battery? How can I make my own battery acid in the cheapest home way so that I don't have to spend a lot of money on original bicycle batteries? I don't need any complicated electronics or gears or counters or controllers in the bicycle just to have any pedaling support at the cheapest cost.

I use a Shneider bicycle with Shimano 3CC gears and I have this round wire sticking out of the bicycle.

Should this round wire be inside or outside the bicycle and should it be in contact all the way or should it have a break?
When I ride a bicycle, this round wire enters the bicycle and immediately comes out, but most often it enters in the middle and moves so that it hides in the bicycle and comes out. When I pedal the bicycle, I can hear in the rear wheel mechanism that something is rubbing strongly, that I can feel vibrations and something is braking in the bicycle, but I don't know what.
It happens to me that I take on the repair of devices that I do not know. When I was disassembling the entire derailleur mechanism in this bicycle for the first time, to grease it when they squeaked a lot while riding, all the parts flew out right away that I didn't know how to assemble them and in my spare time for a few hours a day for a week I would assemble it. On this bicycle is in such 2 parts on the left and right parts of the derailleur


the plates that hold the balls were crushed, I put the balls manually in the place where the circle in the balls should be and I threw the crushed plate away, but when I put the balls in, there was a free space, I put balls from other broken bicycle bearings in this free place, but if you spin the derailleurs again, then these balls fall out and you have to be careful not to lose them, is it possible to buy such a part but I noticed that these wheels are of different sizes the same and in the derailleur a small type of balls and in the pedals a large type of balls what about that I have spare wheels with balls if the size does not fit.

Is it possible to buy just this small balls?


is it better to buy such balls mounted in a circle?

I noticed that the bike rusts over time and the screws in it are so rusted that it is impossible to unscrew them, which I did not unscrew them. Only those screws that I unscrew often can be unscrewed. Is it a good idea to turn the screws in the bicycle with a screwdriver once in a while, even if the bicycle worked well, just so that the screws don't get stuck and I can unscrew them later if necessary?

What is bicycle in english? Cycle or bicycle or bike?
The word bike accociates me more of a motorbike.
What is motor in English? Is it a motor or motorbike or a bike or a motorbike?