Upgrade to Quicken 2004?...save your money.


Aug 26, 2000
I love quicken but found upgrading from 2002 to 2004 is a complete waste of money. All of my registers now are slow to scroll through transactions - it scrolls thru a couple pages and then can't keep up. I'm not on the fastest computer but 2002 scrolls effortlessly regardless.

There are very few enhancements of interest that I noticed (atleast regarding what I'm interested in, reports, online banking, registry entries, splits, category management etc). The report gui/engine is exactly the same, altho the margins/spacing on the reports do look a little nicer.

Overall it looks a bit nicer and a convenient new feature is scheduled downloading, but I need more than that to warrant an upgrade, even with a 'hot deal' price.

I sent it back to them today with a 'comprehensive' letter :p for a full refund and hope 2005 is better.

Not that I'd dare to buy Money in the meantime tho. :p


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Oct 9, 1999
I don't upgrade Quicken very often (I started with 98 and have upgraded twice). I remember how surprised I was to find some features missing in the 2000 version that used to be in the 98 version. I think we can expect Intuit to figure out a way to force people to upgrade, since there isn't a lot they can do to add features.