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Question Updated my iPhone SE to iOS 13.3


Jan 6, 2002
I've been holding off, but read some good things so I figured why not?

I'm impressed my 6 generation old device is still getting current updates.
I'm even more impressed it's running faster than it was on 12. Which was faster than 11. I expected it to be somewhat sluggish. Kudos to Apple for not crippling my 6 or 7 year old device. Dark mode is nice too (about damn time...)

I've had a ton of Android devices, and not to turn this into a iOS/Android war. But no way could I pull one of my 6 generation old Android phones out of my closet and update to Android 10. Probably not even 8 or 9. And yes, I have a few older flag ship phones. They might get more updates than the budget phones, but Android support falls off still super quick compared to iOS.


May 30, 2000
Apple took a lot of heat when iOS updates were slowing down older iPhones. I'll have to update my wife's 6S now.


Oct 9, 2002
I wouldn't really say the iPhone SE is six generations old.

iPhone SE was released in 2016 with an A9 processor. That's the same processor introduced with iPhone 6S in 2015.

So its processor is only 4 generations away from the current A13 chip in the newest iPhone 11 series.
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Mar 29, 2001
Plus, the iPhone SE is still produced for sale by Apple. So, by default they have to provide current OS support.

Still, it is good to see a company for once not just abandoning older but capable phones. Android is a lot worse about this - I finally gave up on my old Samsung Galaxy 5 a few weeks ago when its version of Android wouldn't run my banking app anymore. My new Note 10 plus just updated to Android 10 yesterday. We'll see how long they support it...
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Jan 25, 2000
I've been using an Android device since 2011 (before that, iPhone 3G). Years ago, it wasn't that big of a problem that Android devices maxed out at 3 years of software support. Up until a couple years ago, annual advances in the SoC and other hardware features were fairly staggering.

Now that smartphone hardware has matured to nearly PC-level performance, it's a shame that Android devices are obsoleted after 3 years. I'll use my Galaxy S8 until it stops getting updates (US model can't use 3rd party OS), but I could either choose a mid-range device like a Pixel 3a or jump back to iPhone if the right deal comes along. Having said that, "flagship" iPhones still cost way too much although you'll eventually break even and it's less impact on the environment not being forced to upgrade every 3 years.

To give a rough analogy, if you had to toss out your working PC roughly every 4 years because the OS was EOL, we'd be pissed off.


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Jan 15, 2010
Love the SE.
I wish the 9 or SE2 or whatever they're calling it had the same small form with the A13 chip and 4K60 ability!
Alas, I've moved on and have a 11 Pro Max. I'm used to a big phone now and do enjoy the larger screen so there's that.