Upcoming graphics card questions


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Jun 13, 2002
Alright, I know that none of the new cards are out yet, but I'm planning for the future. My current budget is the limit of my stupidity (read $500). I have a few questions:

1) When are the Matrox Parhelia-512, the 3DLabs/Creative P10, the ATI R300, and the NVIDIA NV30 due out? I know that the gamer's version of the P10 should be out before the end of the year, the NV30 some time this fall, and the Parhelia is due out this month, but I was wondering if anyone had more exact dates.

2) What are everyone's thoughts as to which will be the best to buy and why? Considering the compatibility issues, I'm really shying away from ATI. You ATI fans can complain if you want, but I have seen it more than once first-hand.

3) What will the prices of these cards be? Guesses welcome. (I know the top Parhelia will be $450, but what about the budget Parhelia?)

Currently I'm leaning towards the P10 because I haven't seen anything from NVIDIA and the Parhelia will suffer greatly from the "lack of any serious Z-occlusion culling technology." I'm not buying for a few more months (unless I see comparative benchmarks and one that's already out really shines) and I don't care about "image quality" (sorry Matrox). I want sheer gaming 3D performance. Thanks for any suggestions!


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Feb 1, 2002
In order of release, this is what seems to be the case:
Matrox Parhelia - sometime this month
ATi R300 - before the end of summer
Nvidia NV30 - anywhere between fall and the end of 2002, most likely november/december
3DLabs P10 - ??? I have no clue about this card, from whats been released this card will first be introduced as a professional card and then as a consumer card, so I guess its anyones guys.
Microelectronics Kyro III - ??? From what I heard last VIA was considering buying out the graphics division of the company, but no new info has been released, anyway too little too late:).

As of now, the leaked benchmarks of the Parhelia have been somewhat uninspiring. There is a new set that is being published in this months MaximiumPC, and it does considerably worse than the Geforce 4 Ti 4600. However when AA and AI is turned on it takes less of a hit than the Geforce does. Hopefully Matrox will pull throu with the drivers...

Rumours of the ATi state that its performance as of 'now' are 20% superior than the Geforce 4 Ti 4600. This card will hold the performance crown for some time before the NV30 comes out. ATi seems to be going the way of Nvdia when it comes to drivers as seen from their recent press release concerning 'Catalyst.'

Virtually no rumours have been released concerning the NV30 and thats what in part makes it so exciting :)... I'm guessing the delay of their usual early fall release is the result of stiff competition from ATi. Instead of releasing a part that would perform similiar to the R300, Nvidia probably decided to go back to the drawing board and create something that would blow it out of the water on ever level... (this is my speculation of course ;)).

I haven't followed that much on the P10 because I doubt they will bring out a card that will be able to perform on par with the others. As most people know, having top notch specs is only half the battle, the other is having the drivers to support it... and I doubt those guys have the experience to make it work...

I'm definitely most excited/interested in the NV30 because those guys have been on top for a while now and they have the most to lose. They will not go down with out a fight!