***unofficial*** like and be liked mega thread

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Jul 20, 2001
So here's the deal about the Cubs. I was raised to hate on the Cubs. Part of that was that I'm a Cheesehead and we had the Brewers (the treasonous Braves had already turned Johnny Reb) and part of it was that WGN used to nuke Speed Racer in favor of boring Cubs games. However, my dislike for the Cubs never rose to a deep pathological disgust like I have for the Cowboys or the Broncos. It was more in line with not liking the Bears because, you know, the Packers were to only gods in that pantheon.

Which brings me to today, with the Cubs ever so close and I find that there is room in my heart for a Cubs World Series win. So, go Cubs.

Failure to like this post will result in a humiliating Cubs loss.


Dec 3, 2013
Smokey and the Bandit was on last Friday night. Man that Trans Am was always my favorite growing up as a kid!
My best friend in high school had a Smokey and the Bandit 6.6 in 1980 and we cruised in that for the chick magnet factor. We went into the Marines on the buddy program and I was the best man at his wedding.

I had a primer grey 1972 Camaro that looked a bit like a stealth fighter we'd cruise around in the other half of the time, I miss that old thing. When my dad helped me finance it it high school the clutch was shot, it had an old unsyncronised 3 speed. He told me after we replaced the first clutch I was on my own after that and I ended up replacing two myself after wards :p I think someone had over cammed it.

He disappeared after we tuned it up and replaced the clutch in it that day for about 4 hours on country roads, I had not even driven it till he came back :p

Trump's hair time traveled to sit upon his head. True story bro.
I'd always thought since even started running he was "The Wild Hair"