***unofficial*** like and be liked mega thread

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May 28, 2011
Mostly condenser mics. I do have a sm57 that I hardly ever use and a piezo contact mic that I use a lot to make cool sounds.

Polar pattern matters more to me and over all quality and durability.
I was hoping so, I'd be interested in your take on a PV-M480 (by peavey, should be plenty in pawn shops), I picked one up cheap and have been really impressed with it, though I use it for studio vocals and acoustic guitar so our mileage may vary. It's kind of a diamond in the rough, I guess. Doesn't compete with good tube mics, but => cheap tube mikes.


Sep 5, 2000
I don't have any experience with that mic. I've been pretty focused on a few main mics

Neumann rsm191 short m-s shotgun mic
2 Sennheiser 8020 omnis as spaced pair or very close recording point effects
The holophone h2-pro - for surround sound
Barcus berry contact mic - love this weird thing.

I do have a rode nt4 stereo xy cardioid. I'd like to get 3 more and have them set up for cheap perspectives on car recording but I do feel like I am almost complete. I need portability and it's hard getting everything on a plane. When I go to Japan in September I'm bringing only the 8020s spaced omnis and a sound devices 702. I just want to keep it minimal.