University of Texas: Austin

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Sep 21, 2001
Originally posted by: Darthvoy
Originally posted by: AreaCode707
UC Davis had no dorm space for me (transfer student) or even all their freshmen the year I started at age 18. We had to fend for ourselves.

You gave your gf bad info. You should call back and have her start looking for apartments.

How is the UC Davis campus and the surrounding areas? I may be going to law school there next year

If you want a party school it sucks.

If you want a nice quiet suburban town built around the college made up mostly of college alumni and their families, it's great.

As with the other UC schools I've visited the campus buildings themselves are a mishmash of architectural styles, nothing like the regal collegiate feel of an eastern college or UW. Good teachers, affordable and still quite nice housing, great college/city bus system, tons of people on bikes. Not much going in the way of nightlife or haute cuisine.


Jul 11, 2004
Originally posted by: Double Trouble
Ah, my old stomping grounds. The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live long day :)

I've never heard of UT putting people up in hotels, but it's been a while since I was there. There's plenty of apartment housing available though, check out west and north of campus --- much better than crappy dorm housing anyway.

Jester (the main dorm) is literally a prison. Well not literally, but about as close as it gets. It looks awful, it smells awful, etc. The bed is literally some weird piece of wood that you pull out from the wall. There are pipes hanging off the walls in the hallway. The lights are dim and dreary. Oh, did I mention that the walls are painted asylum green?