Question Underclocking and Undervolting


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Jun 28, 2019
I have bought a 1060 3gb amp edition few days back

i am thinking of reducing the temp by underclocking and undervolting but have no clue as to how much should i reduce proportionately,

India (Summer Season atm)

Idle temp is being 42C -45C
using VLC 1080p video upto 52C

Gaming(World of Tanks) : in lobby 60C, During gameplay it hits upto 80

current clock and specifications as given in the link®-gtx-1060-3gb-amp-edition#spec

please guide me through the process or if u have done previously please send me ur settings

Thank You :)


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Nov 13, 2016
  1. Install MSI Afterburner, and FurMark.
  2. In Afterburner, move "Temp. limit" and "Fan speed" sliders to maximum. Note that high GPU temperature will raise volts needed to maintain stability in a given frequency.
  3. Decide what frequency you want to use. I decided to use the reference boost frequency: 1708 MHz.
  4. Set "Core clock" offset to -400 and Apply. This offset sets up the volt-frequency curve so that the driver ignores the points at higher volts.
  5. Click the small bars icon to left of "Core clock" or press Ctrl + F.
  6. Start at some voltage (say 875 mV) and click and drag up the point at that voltage until it reaches your desired frequency shown at left axis. Then, Apply.
  7. In FurMark, start a (windowed) stress test. If test is stable for more than one minute, it is good for now.
  8. Start from step 4 again: if stable, decrease volts; if unstable, increase volts.
Once you reach the minimum volts needed to maintain FurMark stability for minute, do an extended stress test (in FurMark, or in gaming), and adjust undervolt as necessary.
Finally, remember in Afterburner to save settings to profile, and apply settings on startup.

My EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB can do 1708 MHz at 775 mV.
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