UMPC discussion (eeepc, everex cloudbook, etc)


Nov 27, 2007
Seeing a few threads on the eeepc here has made my wallet tingle.

It is precisely what I want: not a full-blown laptop, but a small INTERNET surfing device.

However, I find some faults with the current models on the market:

1. Everex Cloudcroft - has small nipple trackball. this is very difficult to use. small hand-held devices like this is PERFECT candidate for touchscreen. if not, at the very least, a trackpad

2. Asus EEE PC - 3 hour battery life and 500$ retail price on 8GB version. small, limited-functionality, low-powered device, and only 3 hours battery? thats totally adverse to the initial concept. too much convergence with laptops. we're giving up functionality and capabilities to gain form factor and low price. but at 500$, might as well buy an entry-level notebook at 600$ or 700$

ideally, there is a an UMPC with 1gb ram, 8gb solid-stage storage, touch screen, 5hr battery, for 400$. at the very least, a Cloudcroft with tracking pad. willing to trade in the 30gb storage for 8gb solid-state. too bad theres no such device now.

does anyone else one want? is anyone following the development of these things? do you see something like this in the NEAR future?


Dec 20, 2002
There's a forum specifically for this kinda stuff.

Anyway... 9" touch, 8gb SS, 1gb, 1.5ghz, PCIE Expansion, wifi... Get all of that into $300 and I'll buy the shit out of it. Otherwise there is too much missing from one product / over abundant in another to make the whole thing worth it.

All of these manufactures don't seem to understand. Battery life and bang for buck is where it counts. At $400 for an eee I might as well buy the real thing. Sure the eee is "technically" and ultra compact but it also doesn't include CD/DVD (writing), expansion, drive space.