Tyan Thunder K8WE, absolutely zero response...


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Jun 17, 2008
Hey all,

My problem is as follows: I pressed the power button last night (like I do every night) to initiate the system shutdown... windows shutsdown, power goes off. yay.

I wake up this morning, and my computer just doesn't respond to me pressing the power button. I've tried different power cables, jump started and verified the PSU works, swapped the reset SW with the power SW, tried the onboard power switch -- all of which, have failed in getting the computer to turn on.

I run dual Opteron 160's, with 4x1gb DDR400 and a 7800GT. I don't have the cash to get a new motherboard right now, which is why this is ineffably stressful as I do freelance graphic design and I can't even work now!

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could try? Or a failsafe way to verify it's the motherboard? I've tried resetting the BIOS, and disconnecting power from everything... should I disconnect all the components from the motherboard?



May 30, 2008
Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could try? Or a failsafe way to verify it's the motherboard?
Take everything off but the mobo and the PSU, a minimal working mobo will let the PSU power on without shutting it off. (no CPU, no mem, nothing else connected)

If the PSU won't come on, or got shut off then your mobo is dead. The most likely cause would be burned out mobo regulators from THIS


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Jun 29, 2007
What type of power supply do you have? Are you using an EPS psu with 8-pin connector to the mobo?

Opty 160s will not operate in that mobo. You must have 2XX Optys. Is that what you meant?

Do you have a speaker you can hook to the mobo jumpers? Most post errors are memory related and you could verify with your beep codes. Verify your ECC DDR DIMM modules have been qualified for the mobo.


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Jul 8, 2001
I would call Tyan and see if they can recommend a vender with a similar board, or if they have any customer returns in stock. Computer Geeks, newegg and mwave sell open box boards. I've found a few bargain server boards as low as $40, but you'll have to do some intensive searching to find venders. Ascendtech is another vender with occasional specials.


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Mar 9, 2006
I would be willing to bet it's dead. My K8WE did that after about a month old, ended up being one of the caps or something on the board. I RMA'd it, got it back and it broke again, So i had them cross ship me a new one instead of getting my old one back.

You won't get a K8WE open box for under 100, IIRC its around $200. Call Tyan and see what the annoying chinese lady can do on the other end for you.