Trying to figure out the best method to have access


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Nov 10, 2004
I have an Eclipse AVN5435 headunit with DVD/CD/MP3/Nav capabilities. I'm happy with the DVD, CD, and Navi sections but not so with the mp3. I can burn about 130 songs to a CDR but I still need 6-7 discs to carry all the music I listen to often. I'm tired of swapping out CDs and burning new ones if they get badly scratched or if I have new music. I'm trying to figure out a way to add 15-20 gig or so of music in one central place.

First method I have come up with is a 30gig ipod with an ipod controller connected to the HU. I can then hide the ipod and control it from the HU. Sounds good but I don't know how good the interface is going to be. All I want in the interface is song display, skip between songs, repeat and random. I believe the controller is capable of all of this. It is also a direct connection so there is little to no loss in SQ.

Second is to take out the current HU and put in a car pc, basically a miniture pc running win xp. I already have downloaded a nice interface to access your music files, videos and dvds, pictures, radio, sat. radio, navi and other apps you might want to use. You can even add bluetooth and wifi so that you can send files from your home pc to the car pc parked outside. You can also get a touchscreen monitor so a mouse and keyboard isn't necessary.


Murphy Durphy

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Aug 12, 2003
Alpine CDA 9855 + Alpine KCA-420i = Throw your ipod in your glove box and forget about it. I love it.


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Feb 5, 2002
Do you really need all of the music in the car?!?!? I normally listen to XM and skip CDs altogether.