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Trump Thread

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Jun 19, 2006
Check out the trailer and if you can afford $3 watch the whole documentary. DT is a complete ass.

You've Been Trumped trailer

Jan 25, 2011
That is a reasonable interpretation. I hope MomentsofSanity clarifies.

Back to the topic, the Duck.

Can you picture V. Putin's face on Nov. 9 when he is briefed that the Duck is elected to be the 45th President of the United States? (uncontrollable smirk into collective laughter, perhaps)

Gosh I just can't. It really is unbelievable that the Republicans have so few talents and presidential materials after all those years that they ended up with the current situation where one choice after another is bad to worse.
That is what I was referring to. Evangelicals won't care in the least about the Donald's moment with the pope. Hell there's an active evangelical movement that is convinced Pope Francis is the antichrist.

Bottom line is Trump supporters don't care. I watched a video where a guy read Teump supporters Hitler quotes and attributed them to Trump. Amazing how when they found out the my didn't agree with them once they knew it was Hitler but then turned around and said they were fine with them coming from Trump immediately after.

Trump is the "Messiah" they tried to portray Obama as for seven years.
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