Troubleshooting Wireless Antenna

Discussion in 'Networking' started by MoonshineMadnes, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I have been lumbered with providing wireless access for a pop up ice rink, Its in the middle of a flat piece of grass land, The broadband comes into a shed on the edge of the park approx 200m away.

    Most of the infrastructure was already installed as the rink was run by another company last year, so i know it was working 12 months ago,

    As it stand I have a working broadband connection which I have tested, I have a netgear wireless router (WGR614v7) -this was already here so can replace if needed.

    The previous company installed an antenna on the roof of the shed, there is a cable leading down to a plug for an ethernet cable, there is an engenius NPE-4818 which should provide power up to the antenna.

    I have the ethernet cable from the router plugged into the 'Network' port in the NPE and then an ethernet cable running from the ap/bridge port to the antenna jack.

    Now for some reason I am not getting any signal from the antenna on the roof. I wondered if there was anyway I could troubleshoot the antenna (Maybe ping it somehow to see if its active and powered up) or there was an issue with the way I have it setup,

    If there isn't I'm guessing it will be easier just to buy a new one. Can anyone recommend a good antenna setup?

    Many Thanks


    (Been so long since i last posted they closed my account :eek:!!)
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    What you have on the roof is Not just an Antenna, it is probably a professional outdoor Access Point to which the Antenna is connected to.

    It gets both the Wireless feed and the working voltage from the engenius NPE-4818

    Something is missing from the installation, or something is Not working anymore.

    You probably need to take the Hardware off the Mast put it near the Router and check all the components to make sure that they are working.

    Once it is working locally, and assuming that the long cable that feeds to the mast is OK too, it should work.

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    Can you get the exact model number of the device that is mounted on the roof? That will give us a much better idea of what might be wrong or what you need to do to get it working.
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    Power injectors do go bad. Agree that you're going to have to take it down off the mast to troubleshoot. At the very least locate where the AP is and get model number. Normally how you do this is the AP is inside, and then high performance coax cable is run up the pole to the actual antenna.

    Or as jack mentioned, a hardened outdoor AP on the pole. But there IS an AP somewhere, you gotta have a radio.