Tri-Slot 4870X2

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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: thilan29
Originally posted by: ViRGE
If they stopped making GPUs that dumped heat in to a case, I think their complaints would stop. When GPUs use more power than high-end CPUs (who tend to have their own dedicated air channel) it's time to stop dumping heat in to the case. Alternatively they can just cut back on the insane power usage, although I doubt people would be willing to give up the performance.
QFT. I really wish coolers would dump hot air outside the case. My current 8800GT has a non-reference cooler but it dumps heat inside the after a while temps are pretty high anyway, lessening the advantage of the non-reference cooler.
Now that I think about it, this is rather simple. If your card requires external power(i.e. a PCIe 12v connection), it requires external cooling. An external power connector means you're using more than 75W, which is already past many CPUs.

I do wish that there was a better design for GPU cooling though. An additional source venting air from the case means that much more air must be pulled inside, something not all cases are well prepared for.


Jan 11, 2002
Originally posted by: AmberClad
Cutting back the power consumption doesn't look like a priority to any of the parties involved...

I wouldn't be opposed to putting something like a squashed and stretched TRUE with push/pull fans on a video card. The idea would be to have the airflow go from front to back and out the PCI slots, instead of using duct blowers that are put on current stock heatsinks or fans that blow from bottom to top like the ones I put on my AC S1.
I suggested this to NVIDIA a few years ago, I like the idea of a dedicated air flow for video cards.

This card looks like it's designed to dump some of the air outside the case to me, with the fans running it should be pushing the air back.


Jul 8, 2005
Yes, the card is three slots wide but one of the "quickie" reviews on the Palit Revolution (google the name) showed the GPU(s) running at 51C under load. That's cooler than my eVGA 8800GTX 768 runs at idle.

And a CoolerMaster 832 Stacker case with a Scythe SFF21F fan blowing air directly on the Palit card(s) should alleviate any internal heating concerns you might have.

But that's just my opinion ...

the unknown

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Dec 22, 2007
Ahhh this reminds me of shaving razors. First it was the Mach 3, 3 blades. Then Schick was like alright well go with the Quattro, 4 blades. Yeah baby, bigger is better. Then gilette was like fvck it all, were going FIVE BLADES.
Oh yeah, TheOnion did an article on this: Text. Bwahahaha.

To be honest, I don't really care if my card gets up to 85C :laugh:
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