Transferring steam save games only to new install?


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Dec 16, 2011
Hi There

I'm aware you can move an entire steam installation, and was going to. However, instead of buying a £60 usb 3.0 Ex HD, since my internet is really good, I don't mind re-downloading them all again.

I just have a question, as to whether after I wipe my PC and reformat, then re-install steam, will it let me simply copy and paste my old saves game back in to the new downloads?

I.e. so i go and find all the saves from steam where ever they are, stick them on a USB stick. Reformat, reinstall steam, download the games. Can I just copy the save files back into the correct directories, and will it recognise them?

I think this should work provided I get the directories correct?

Any info appreciated. It makes sense to me, just wanted to make sure it works from someones who has tried it.


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Jan 23, 2008
There is software that does that exact thing. I don't recall the name or what kind of problems one can run into with it, but you can google and figure out. Search for something like steam game save backup. You get the idea.


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Apr 27, 2002
Games are saved as per the instructions from said game.

Some will be in C:\Users, others might be in their Steam folders.

Also, certain games have their saves synchronised with the Steam Cloud and would not require any backup procedure.