totally legal question about divx

Oct 19, 2000
Hey guys. I OWN (read: OWN) the 2 disc set of the Clerks cartoons. Funny stuff, I recommend you check them out. Well, out of all 6, episode 4 is my favorite where Jay is suing Dante and the quick stop for falling in the store. Well, I ripped it to my computer, so if I ever wanted to watch it while browsing the net, I could do that instead of popping in the DVD. But I'm not getting any sound at all, not in WMP or DivX Player 2.0 Alpha. Where can I find out info about sound codecs or info to solve this problem?


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Nov 21, 2001
0 or are good sites to visit for encoding and the such..

I just encoded some of my DVD's to my hard drive since I'm going to college in a couple of days.. I used Xmpeg 4.5 with divx 3.11 and an mp3 codec and it worked nicely

what did you use to encode? If you really wanna make a nice rip of the video, I suggest using Gordian Knot.. and you can go here and use the guides