Toshiba DVD Player Class Action Lawsuit


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Aug 9, 2004
I thought I would share this. I just got notification of a Class Action Lawsuit against Toshiba. Long and short of it is ALL Toshiba DVD players (not PC based) purchased prior to 1/1/2002 are automatically included in the class action lawsuit. What's they are offering is 3 options :

A. Refund for any firmware updates you have had to pay for.
B. Firmware Upgrade OR replacement DVD player at no cost
C. Rebate Certificatate worth anywhere from $25 - $125 depending on how much you paid for your DVD player.

It sounds like it's a done deal. This is the proposed settlement from Toshiba. I am going to opt for either the rebate certificate OR the firmware update. I have had the pixelation problem, and my DVD player does not play MP3 CD's at all. I'm glad to see this.



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Aug 31, 2001
Really? Why is this? I've had my toshiba dvd player for 4-5 years with absolutely no issues. Any chance you could pass the message alone to me?


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Apr 3, 2002
HA! This is true. I gave my parents a Toshiba DVD player back when they were still really expensive, and the darn thing was NOT DVD compliant. There were a bunch of popular titles that this thing would not play. I contacted Toshiba, and they offered a firmware upgrade...for a price (I forget how much).

My brother ended up buying them a new (non-Toshiba) one.

The proposed settlement sucks though...

(3) if you purchased a non-Toshiba brand DVD player prior to October 15, 2004 as a replacement for such Toshiba DVD Player specifically as a result of Playback Incompatibilities experienced on the Toshiba DVD Player, a rebate certificate valid against the purchase of Toshiba brand consumer audio or video electronics products distributed by TACP.

I hate fvcking lawyers :|