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top five shooters or soon to be released (for PC)

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Dec 20, 2005
Only one on that list that really interests me is Timeshift. I'd like to thank TV adverts for that. Gears of Wars doesn't count since it's already been released before. Call of Duty might be ok, but I hear it's short, and you can probably get by on BF2. HL2, got it, very short, more of the same.

2007 awards... Probably gonna see Bioshock a lot. Haven't agreed with lots of them for a few years now.


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May 29, 2003
Is crysis going to come with crippling DRM like bioshock? I thought the cryotek team was against these things but i suppose its up to the publisher. I still haven't even tried bioshock because of that nonsense. What about UT3? That's a multi player game primarily so can I assume they will just run server side checks and not throw crap on your computer?