Today sux :(

Dec 26, 2007
I was passing a Starbucks, just riding down the road on my bike, crossing the exit of their parking lot. This guy eased out and BAM ran into his front bumper.

Even worse, I completely know I was wrong for it. Music was fucking blaring (thanks to my iPod), didn't hear anything, all I saw was a guy looking clueless in the drivers seat of his car. At first I was mad at him and stood up raising my bike over my head and yelling at him. Initially, I thought the guy was just a random idiot that couldn't drive, and didn't know I hit him. Then he just drove off and turned the corner, so I assumed he didn't want me to pay for his damage. :/

I called the police, but they didn't have anything reported from a biker hitting a car. I am assuming the guy's car is fine, and he will just repair the damage himself.

just say no to parodies

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Nov 10, 2003
The only funny parody thread was the Taco Bell thread a while back.