Tivo guilt

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Apr 29, 2001
I read that as Tivo Quilt... I was confuzzled. All I DVR is a few shows on Discovery for when I need to fall asleep.


TV is such a big deal with people. I haven't even turned my TV on in 3 days and even then it was to make a 2 minute run through what I consider to be the best channels before deciding to go play more L4D. Seriously, if you guys would stop watching long enough to forget what TV is like, (I didn't have cable for 2 years) when you started watching again you'd immediately realize that 99.999999...% of TV is complete and utter shite. I mean ALL of it. I think once you get into the habit of watching tv you lose perspective of what is actually good entertainment because all you choose to compare it to is itself. What difference does it make if one cliched, badly acted, poorly plotted, hour long waste of time is slightly funnier than another when they're both awful?

That's why Tivo guilt strikes me as some pretty funny shit. Why the hell would I feel the least bit anxious over all this drivel I don't have enough time to watch? I'm much more concerned by the fact that I can't possibly read every good book ever written in my lifetime. Even if I start right now and quit work and do nothing but read for the rest of my life....now that's depressing.