Titan X reference cards and manufacturers

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Feb 8, 2008
It's been a while since I read about TIM differences but at that time noctua NH-1 was pretty good so I bought a few tubes and that's what I have used in both cpus and gpus. I've seen huge gains but that is likely primarily due to sloppy stock TIM application.

I guess I like Noctua coolers and love their fans so considering that their TIM was amongst the better ones I bought it.
Yeah, forgot I used that one with my X99. Good temps.

Seems to be a good alternative but I doubt it covers the VRAM or VRM very well. You'd probably need to toss some small low profile sinks on those w/sticky thermal pads.
Any suggestion? Or should I go for some full size block from EKWB or something like that?


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Aug 20, 2010
Its got the 92mm fan doesn't it ??


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Feb 6, 2002
Take a look at this video, it should answer your questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weV0FlahyDo

He keeps the heatspreader on but uses a thin copper shim to close the gap between the GPU and water block. It should work just fine as long as you have a very high grade copper shim. I've done something similar for laptops and it worked fine. But if you don't want to do that, you just install it the normal way but don't get the luxury of the heat spreader so you have to find low profile copper sinks to place on the vrms:


Also, Jacob from EVGA said this will work on the Titan X but you'd need to modify where the 8 pin plugs in by dremeling it a bit wider since the 980 is 2 x 6 pin: http://www.evga.com/products/Product.aspx?pn=400-HY-H980-B1 The EVGA one definitely looks a lot nicer as long as you are willing to mod a bit. It's not in stock yet though.

Ultimately, if you have the budget and patience, then build a custom loop using EK blocks. They look fantastic, give full coverage and just do a better job overall. Plus you can keep upgrading those with every GPU purchase.
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