Time Service in WIN2K


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Jun 15, 2001
Twice a day I get a warning and error message in my event log that tells me my Win2K server can't synchronize the time with an external source and that some resources may not be available. I've read that certain resources in a WIN2K/NT PDC are time critical, and won't work properly unless Win2K can synchronize with an atomic clock. Fair dinkum!?

I never got this message in NT4, and while my Winfax Pro sharing worked under NT4, the clients can't connect to the Winfax host running under Win2K. The manual for Winfax Pro states that the time and location on the host and clients must be identical in order for it to work. According to the clocks in the system trays, they are the same.

Is it possible that this synchronization message can be preventing the fax sharing to fail?


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Jun 20, 2000
It's possiable to make those messages disappear. Do a serch on the KB and there is an article there (sorry I am just too lazy to do that now ^^). It will insctuct you to use the PDC to "sync to itself" basically. I did that and now I don't get those messages anymore.


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Oct 16, 1999
not atomic clock but any clock, ie if you do, use net time /setsntp:tock.usno.navy.mil SNTP port is 123 UDP..

ie if your PDC clock is 12:00, every computer should goto him, and he goes to atomic clock, therefore all the clocks are the same with PDC..