Info Tim Sweeney calls for a Unified Digital Games Store

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May 14, 2014
Between games, movies, series and music inside stores of all kinds in this age you'll end up paying a fortune just to buy the same thing all over, on different and uncertain platforms long term wise.
You can buy a DVD run it on any device*. Same for music CDs.
But all those digital markeplaces with their own little caged systems? No way content is shared, save a few exceptions.
As with money going no way other than decentralized I seriously hope some future system simplifies all that bull very soon. Gamestop anyone? ;)

I'm not saying I don't want to pay for the same game title on a console, PC or even smartphone nowaday, but at least I should own it indefinitely and irrefutably to anyone once bought (so with some block-chain like system to check for proof and mostly avoid those crappy DRS systems that hurt performance).
New console of the same brand, that can run the previous game? I own it, just download and play.
Deluxe edition with extra content? Just an upgrade away, for any platform you want to pay for it.

That kind of thing would also help developers avoid the "hell" of store choice and limiting their own userbase at times, not to talk the amount of time wasted making dozen of different versions on top of the many consoles & PC variations.

And to be honest I'd pay them some more for this "absolute ownership" than the cheap amounts we have after just 1-2 years on discount these days, -50% is nice, till you aren't the one who made it and also lose a cut to the store, the publisher etc...

*Ok, PAL vs NTSC but you get what I mean. Games too were very easy with no issue after buying the disc back then: just install, type the cd key and it works, for any amount of times on all your PCs to date. Hate CDs, too old and scratched? Keep a safe disk image and voilà. Online play is a different thing but that's understandable.
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