Thought Control - Hand in your Hard Drive or else


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Oct 13, 1999
This was posted in ATOT.

Thought Control and Nannyism is alive and well in the UK as well.

Minority Report and Logan's Run here we are.

While anything related to Child Porn is of course vile, like was pointed out by people in ATOT that just browsing the web may cache offensive material instantly making any browsing a Jailable offense.

Do these Authorities know how the Technology works or are they in fact Criminalizing the Technology and the Internet itself?

12-9-2003 UK Police want anyone that has accessed Internet Porn to turn in Hard Drives and seek Counseling before arrest

Police are considering launching a computer hard drive amnesty as part of a crackdown on internet sex offenders, BBC News Online has learned.

They would then be assessed by a psychiatrist and if, after appropriate treatment, were judged to be no risk to children, would be given a caution.

The men would still be placed on the sex offenders register, but would be spared the humiliation of a court appearance and a formal prosecution.

According to Donald Findlater, some forces have even resorted to sending out a letter to suspects saying "we know what you've been up to, stop it or face arrest".



Oct 9, 1999
wow, thats like... everyone who has access to the internet

prevent child abuse by getting people who have images of children to volunteer for counselling.
so parents will be lining up for counselling


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Jul 5, 2000
It would also bring potential abusers to the attention of the authorities, rather than driving them further underground.

Now that's a comforting thought....

I swear the people who come up with this stuff, while having the best of intentions, are truly clueless how any of the technology involved works. Perhaps if they 'volunteered' their own hard drives first, sort of like a trial run, they may change their minds after see what their drives contained....:Q