Thinking of getting a GPS

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Jul 1, 2001
Originally posted by: Crucial
Originally posted by: PaulNEPats
My Garmin blows. The routing system is half-assed, and it only brings me to my point of destination approximately 50% of the time. It's been off as much as 4-5 miles before. It also loves to take backroads, even if you're close to the highway and would've been faster.

I have the StreetPilot C320, so I don't know if the routing engine has improved at all in the Nuvi version, but YMMV.

thats interesting since almost every review about nuvi's rave about how the routing is better than everything else out there.

Funny... I have a C330, and it usually gets me with 500 feet of wherever I'm trying to go. The only time it gets really confused is with shopping plazas with a bunch of stores in a single area.

I'm curious... how do folks in California mount these things? I noticed that they have a silly law that bans the use of suction cup mounts on windshields :confused:


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Oct 6, 2001
Check out It's basically a GPS forum. People have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to mount it (like double sided velcro tape, bungee cords, RAM mounts, etc). There's a whole thread dedicated to just mounting of the unit.

I personally have the Nuvi 360 and love it. It's never failed me so far (had a few trips to Seattle, Dallas and Las Vegas, and also to Hawaii). Always got me where I wanted. Latest map update is free if you're not on City Navigator NT 2008 if you bought it new. Map updates are $70 I think?

If you can score the Nuvi 350 or 360 for cheap (like the Costco deal right now), I'd jump on it. You can also get the Europe maps for this on an SD card from Garmin (or from "other" sources ;) ) and it'll navigate for you in Europe. My bro used it last weekend on his trip to London and Paris and said it worked pretty well for the most part.


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Jan 3, 2006
The GPS is a government provided service free of cost. Well not free if you consider they spend $750 Million a year to maintain it.

The GPS unit you buy will come with preloaded maps. You can typically pay to update these maps when new ones come out.