Discussion The Witcher 4 - "Polaris"


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Nov 16, 2006
Ok so I just beat Witcher 3 like 8 years after everyone else and I want to talk about it but no one wants to talk about it.

So let's talk about the next thing:

A couple things I really hope for:

- Move the story/world/lore forward. Geralt's story is done, as are the stories of the people around him. Blood and Wine was a fantastic send off. But don't, for the love of God, do a prequel. So burned out on prequels, too limiting. Move the universe forward.

-Let us make our own Witcher, but keep a named protagonist. I think this is the best of all worlds, where people feel a stronger connection to "their" character, but the writers still have a, you know, actual character to write around. Worked great for Shepherd, and Hawke, and supposedly worked well for V, so keep doing that.

-Keep it cinematic. The third person perspective and the staged/choreographed cutscenes actually pulled me into the story so much more than the whole "never leave your player's perspective" stuff games do nowadays. I think CDPR is on record saying this really hurt them in Cyberpunk.

We know we're getting a new trilogy of games, so I hope CDPR also does a good job ratcheting up the threat level on the plots without feeling like they need to top The White Frost. Maybe an unscheduled mini-conjunction of the spheres that reintroduces a bunch of weird ass monsters into the world, necessitating Witchers be created again, and the requisite political intrigue and backstabbing and manipulation that comes along with that.

Been a while since I've really been hyped for a game, Witcher 3 has me fully committed to following developments on subsequent Witcher titles.