The RNC's Health Plan Covers Abortion. Hypocrite GOP'ers Scramble to Deflect Blame

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Nov 12, 1999
91 are not going to get off that easily:

Viagra (and Cialis, IIRC) were approved in 2005 for Medicare and Medicaid by ...................................

Guess who?
One thing we both agree on is that Bush was far from a perfect President. Though that doesn't change the fact he was still a far better choice than Gore and Kerry.....but I digress.

Guess who still allows Viagra (and Cialis) to be paid for by Medicare and Medicaid?


Nov 11, 1999
Heh. Real republicans send their knocked up wives and daughters to England or a private resort clinic in the caribbean for a little vacation.
They probably get aroma therapy as part of the deal.

Meanwhile, back home, they need to pander to one of their voting blocs, the fundies, and the whole anti-abortion posturing schtick is a big part of that.

The so-called "Senior drug benefit" was pandering to one of their other blocs, seniors, and a quid pro quo for the pharma industry. Viagra? Whatever makes 'em happy...

Single mothers on welfare won't ever be a big repub voting bloc, bet on that, and beatin' 'em down serves that rightwing desire for punishment of the wicked, yeh...

You'd think that people all hung up about the welfare state might be open to actually decreasing welfare dependency... probably not, huh? They'd have to find something else to rave about...