The potential of this song


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May 21, 2001
The piano part has some good potential as a nice background. The rest sucks. It is like the artists took a top quality filet minon steak, threw it on a cold, hard bun, with some ketchup and called it a burger. I'd rather just have the filet please, maybe with a nice dry rub to enhance the tastiness.

The piano says good guy, in sorrow, but with lots of hope. The other instruments say utter defeat, the evil outcast walking home after losing the fight, with no hope of ever winning. The confusing messages bothers me.

Plus, I'm never a fan of purposely choosing note combinations that are horrible to the ear. Sure, many composers like to do this, I just don't like to listen to it.

Overall, 6/10. I'd listen to it without complaint, but it'll never make it to my list of songs I purposely play.