The Official ANTI-WOKE anti-lgbt conservaterrorist mob thread!

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Feb 6, 2002

The state of Florida moved to strip the Hyatt Regency Miami hotel of its liquor license on Tuesday in retaliation for hosting a Christmas-themed drag show, alleging that minors had been in attendance.

Can a Gov in any state revoke hotel liquor licenses for any hotel that hosts a religious event since the bible advocates selling your daughter into slavery Exodus 21:7?


May 19, 2011
What's your definition of woke?

Greenman exits stage right!



Feb 24, 2009


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Aug 16, 2012
Can't even define it, and has at least a small enough amount of self awareness to realize the inevitable viral-ness of the clip.

That's hilarious ... It's so common to hear the “ums” and “ahs” when they are asked for the meaning. Some Iv'e seen get very sensitive and angry. with some, you can tell they really think the actual meaning to them is “I don’t have the nerve to say ‘uppity’. The word is getting plenty of airtime with no definition.

One I often get is - "Well the company (such as SVB) website mentioned that it supported “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI).

Virtually any company of any size now mentions DEI on their website. It’s often no more meaningful than the “equal opportunity employer” statements of a generation ago. So if a DEI statement causes banks to fail the entire economy will soon be a smoking crater.
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May 11, 2002
Interesting.. 56% of people think being anti-woke means being anti-justice.



Jan 14, 2013
These people are irredeemable.

There are shitty people on all sides of politics, but my lord, the ratio of shitty irredeemable people on the GQP side is fucking through the roof and out of control. It's not a natural number of shitty people with no hope to be better, it's a fucking pandemic of epic proportions, there is no fucking vaccine folks.
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Feb 6, 2002
Quiet part leaked. "Woke is whatever we say it is". Since anti-woke people are so against equality and calling out injustice remind those people they are also against...
Dana Perino Says ‘Wokeism’ Can Be Whatever Republicans Want It to Be: ‘It Could Be a Feeling, It Could Be a Sense’ (

Jack Robinson's entry into the major leagues
Women getting voting rights
Mandatory integration by the military
Marriage equality
64 Civil Rights Act
65 Voting Rights Act.

All these were a result of being woke. I'll proudly own that.


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Feb 10, 2005
More than 20 percent of trans youth lost access to gender-affirming care under new state laws (

This is going to go so well. /s

Roughly 75000 transgender kids lost access to previously provided care. The Trevor project estimated roughly 45% of transgender youth attempted suicide last year. Yes, talk is going to get us out of this.

BTW, I have been working with a family with a transgender child in Utah. For several years, this child has stated they are a boy. By every anatomical study, including ultrasounds and puberty, they are female. They have been ridiculed and criticized. As you can imagine, this child has attempted suicide several times in the past. Just a week ago, they got the results of a whole genome sequence study. Turns out he is XY.

For all the deniers out there, I want you to wrap your brain around that one. An anatomical female with XY chromosomes. This child has a menstraul cycle and has ovaries, in other words, he can get pregnant. I helped analyze the genome and I have a perfectly logical medical explanation by the way. But go ahead and try, I would love to see some people's brain cells explode a little trying to work this one out.

This family got all the sham stupid answers. "Oh, he's watching Tik Tok too much." "His friends are doing it, therefore, he has to as well." "Counseling will fix this" "He will grow out of it" "You guys are woke" "The Bible says otherwise"

I told this child's mom, you are welcome to rub the results of this study in as many faces as you feel it necessary, because this is the exact reason why gender affirming care exists. This child was not, and clearly not, intersex at birth. However, their genetics clearly scream otherwise. Guess what, there are a lot more kids like this than we think. So, how many more kids do we feel like losing before people's minds are changed?

By the way, the crisis is already starting and it isn't even a month out. Medical and mental health professionals have already changed their practices. Insurance companies are also denying coverage for gender affirming health care.

Lisa Hansen: Mental health professionals see the danger in Utah’s anti-transgender law (