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The Invisible Vaccine


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Feb 1, 2008
Donald Trump is acting as if there already were a Covid-19 vaccine, and that the vaccine is all ready to go. Trump knows that only a Covid-19 vaccine will save his administration from certain defeat come November. Donald Trump wants this vaccine sooooo bad, and so do we all, but Donald Trump wants it really really REALLY SO BAD, and for all the wrong reasons. Donald Trump isn't looking for a vaccine to stop the virus, Donald is looking for a vaccine against Joe Biden winning and which will ensure Donald Trump winning. That is a lot to ask of any vaccine but in Donald's mind THAT is what Donald Trump is investing in, an election-saving vaccine not a Covid-19 vaccine. Donald Trump wants the vaccine so bad that Donald has skipped the developing phase and jumped right into the manufacturing phase of his nonexistent vaccine. As the election nears, Donald will speak more and more of producing those 100 million doses of his Covid-19 vaccine, the vaccine which does not exist, however that nonexistence won't matter to Donald or to his base. Donald will brag on how much money he is spending to manufacture that invisible vaccine, the promised 100 million dosages of that invisible vaccine, sitting on some invisible shelf somewhere at some invisible laboratory. We all know that Donald Trump is delusional, and imagines all sorts of delusional happenings, but this could be Donald's greatest delusion of them all. Promoting a vaccine that does not exits, spending billions to manufacture a vaccine that does not exist, and by the time November 3rd rolls around Donald Trump could have people convinced and standing in lines around the block waiting to get their shot for an invisible imaginary vaccine. People will be standing in line because Donald Trump would have done such a good job with selling the idea for something that does not exist just like Donald sold his idea of Trump University, and of Donald Trump Steaks, and of Donald Trump water, and of Donald Trump wine. And so.... when Donald Trump talks up his imaginary invisible vaccine and boasts of spending billions of tax dollars producing his 100 million dosages of that invisible vaccine, do not rush out too fast to stand in line. That line goes nowhere, and there will be no vaccine to be had come the end of that line. By the way, we could have a vaccine eventually of some sorts but that vaccine will happen only under the Joe Biden administration, not some second-termed Donald Trump administration.
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