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The gigabit experience... (LOL!)

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Oct 2, 2010
Actually I see that their gigabit internet is offered in triple play but I don't see it for Internet only.

Prices I see for the address I entered for Internet only are $39 for 50/50,
$64 for 100/100, or $74 for 150/150.

For gigabit I would need to select a two year agreement with custom tv and phone for $74 for the first year or the same price but with hbo included.
Yeah it just depends where you are for specifics on pricing. There are general prices, but to really know you have to enter the address online and see what it says.


Aug 18, 2012
I have 100mb now with Comcast and I max out at 120 down. Whatever I pick it will be cheaper anyway. Between my roommate and I, we have about 4-6 devices connected to wireless at a given time. Never really noticed any slowdown except the ps4 pro downloading crap wirelessly. It was always a bit slower.

Every other device on wireless gets great speeds.


Golden Member
Sep 26, 2000
I'm on the same boat here with Centurylink fiber. They rolled out fiber a couple years ago for $170/ month and I that price point i knew it would not be worth the cost with our household usage. I got 40mb fiber instead and even in a fully streaming household it held up with no problems.
A couple months ago centurylink dropped the gig price to $85/month lifetime guaranteed price. I said what the hell and got it but boy am I underwhelmed. At first I was getting 850/950, then 700/950. It took some tweaking and swapping switches to finally get 950/950. But even then most downloads are still just 3-4MB/s, same as with the 40mb/s plan. The fastest it's done was android studio at 100MB/s but that's it, nothing else has come close. I uploaded ~20gigs of video to youtube and it maxed out at 140mb/s. Hard to tell where the slow down occurs, I wouldn't be surprised if centurylink was throttling because I know they throttle netflix.