That's one big friggin plane

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Feb 1, 2004
71's a good thing I didn't have to go to work today. ..I take that route sometimes.

That's not the biggest plane I've seen at Chamber's field, sometimes an occassional Antonov 224 lands there.


Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: KeithP
The photo is a fake.

Here is another picture of a C5.

Notice how low (relatively) they sit to the ground. In the picture provided, the nose wheel would be hanging in the air about 25 feet. Plus, the CG would have to be so far back, to keep the nose in the air like that, there would be no way it could fly.


It's on a bridge over the highway, which is why it looks like it's higher than it should be. It's not a fake -- it was published awhile ago in the Air Force Times (was one of their caption contest photos).

My bad, I should have clarified: largest American military cargo plane.

Are the An-124 and An-225 military cargo? I always thought they were general heavy cargo planes. Not that it makes a huge difference, they are still greater than or equal to the C-5 in size.

I know, I was just being snotty. :) An-124 is indeed used by the Russian military as well as by civilian contracting companies (Ukrainian and Russian, if I'm not mistaken). The An-225 is one-of-a-kind and is used by the Russian space program, like the modified Boeing 747 that NASA uses to move the space shuttle.


Sep 16, 2000
Originally posted by: KDOG
My wife and were driving back from Paris on our way back to Hahn AB and as we were driving by Ramstein we saw the fireball from when the C-5 crashed.

I doubt it. I was at Ramstein when it happened. I was also there for the famous Flutag disaster, but thats another story. The C5 crashed in the wee hours of the morning in a field just past the runway. What happened was the number 1 thrust reverser opened for some unknown reason. It pitched wildly to the left and basically hit the ground upside down. the only place you could really see the wreckage is the main highway that runs parallel to the highway up to the main gate, which could also be used as an alternate runway, since it was a dead end about a mile and half the other way. There was an exit that led down to another road that passed under the gate road. I was there when my dad was in the air force, he worked on the plane just before it took off, and they had a whole lot of questions for him and everyone else who even touched that airplane. But what he worked on had nothing to do with the crash so he didn't have anything to worry about...

What color is the boathouse roof by Lake Valisgaurd?


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Oct 9, 1999
What color is the boathouse roof by Lake Valisgaurd?

HUH? I was 16-18yrs old then, its been a while! I don't remember what color that roof is, I don't even remember a a Lake Valisgaurd. I was too busy, doing my freestyle biking and chasing girls!!!


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Nov 19, 2001
I can't believe I started so much controversy over a stinkin little photo of a big friggin plane.

No matter what type of plane it is, the picture is still awe-inspiring, in my opinion.