System not working

Dec 29, 2005
It was running just fine for the last couple weeks but today it will not even boot up the bios. I tried isolating different components by unplugging optical/hd/cards etc... but im pretty clueless as to how to attack this problem.

Symptoms: I turn the computer on and I hear everything run - (temperatures look normal: cpu around 30, rest of the case is about 24-26) but my moniter doesn't active from idle status. When I turn it on it shows a message reading "no input signal" and then it turn back to idle. The computer stays this way and does not respond to any keyboard commands. I've tried booting up with drivers and xp in my optical but it doesn't seem to get far enough in the boot process to even read anything in the optical drive.

I'm pretty much stuck- gonna try using each component in a different working comp- but if anyone knows what this problem could be or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

system: x2 3800, biostar 6100, 450w forton, 2g patriot, 80g seagate ide, 250g WD sata


Senior member
Oct 22, 2004
if your monitor is getitng no signal it is probably your video card. Try putting it in and taking it out again.