Surround Sound Issue


Senior member
Dec 3, 2007

I'm having a unique issue with my sound bar connected to my TV and I cannot figure out the cause. I have a Samsung sound bar with a subwoofer that I bought last November which is hooked up via HDMI (arc) to my TV and has been working completely fine until Wednesday of last week.

Now there are some channels that work completely fine, and others where the sound is muffled or very low. Mostly as I started to try and find patterns, I see live programming like watching the Sunday night baseball game on ESPN or the NBC broadcast for NFL football causing issues or not working. But I hear the music, background noise, event hearing the sounds on the field but cannot hear the announcers of the game. There are other channels where its pre-recorded and still not working and then some have no issues.

This video I took is of the broadcast for Sunday night football; you can hear the commercial fine, and then as it goes into the segment you hear the music and then the VO comes on (you can see in the captions) but cannot hear the sound.

This video is during the game as I change the setting from TV speaker to sound bar, the announcers go away and you just hear the game noise, and then I switch it back to TV speaker and you can hear them again.

I haven't changed any settings that I know of and I don't think anything is damaged or blown since it does work completely fine on some stations/content.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them. I can send other info if needed. Thank you in advance!!