Stupid internet question


May 17, 2003
ok my friend cant get his internet connection to work. he has cable and it wont connect. what does he need to do to setup his connection. its all hooked up right definately and the internet service is fine, im on the same thing. im guessing its something in internet options, but can u plz help.


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Nov 20, 2002
umm kinda hard to say with basically no information you gave.

So you are on the same line and it works for you but not for him? I assume you are using a router?

First make sure his NIC (ethernet) port is being picked up by Windows. If the NIC is built in make sure he has all his chipset drivers installed which should have been done right after the OS was installed. If its a PCI then make sure that is being picked up and he has the appropriate drivers.

thats the first step. Then you should see the ethernet port in the My Network Places or in the control panels. Then you go into the My Network Places and can use the "setup the home or home office network option" and use that wizard.

all this is really impossible without more info. Is the NIC built in? PCI? Is it showing up in the harware profiles? Any conflicts?

more info please


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Dec 12, 2001
Control panel>internet options>connections>setup. Run the setup and tell it to connect using lan. If he's running XP, change the view to classic in the control panel, so the internet options is easier to find.