Strange VCore/Temp issue


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Jun 23, 2005
So my friend who had a problem breaking 2.5GHz is thinking about boosting the VCore. However, his temps and the voltage returned by several programs don't match. Basically, CPU-Z and some other programs say that he's running 1.57 Volts, but several temperature programs say that he's getting 36C idle/~45C load. He's running stock A64 cooler that came with 3200+, so obsiously there is no way he's going to get temps that low at such a high VCore. So does anyone know if the programs are inaccurate and how to get a true value of his VCore? Also, is his mobo possibly undervolting? If so, does he have any more headroom with the VCore?

Here's a CPUZ screen to help:

EDIT: He lowered the VCore .025 in BIOS and his VCore dropped .1V in CPU-Z...strange
Also his computer failed prime95 after ~ 5 hours...


AMD A64 Venice 3200+ @2.5GHz
Epox 9NPA+ Ultra
STOCK AMD A64 Cooler w/o Heatpipes
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Feb 8, 2004
I might be wrong here but im going by what my comp does. It based on an epox 9NPI+ and the vcore can be upped in .25 incriments. But it wont stay exactly ,25 above the stock voltage, itll go up and down as i think the mobo simply feeds the chip what it needs within a limit.

Also what is the stock cooler? It wont be the 4 heatpipe huh? He might just have a really good chip if it runs at 36 idle - 45 load. 36 idle isnt a fantastic temp buts its allright, and considering the vcore is at 1.57 thats pretty damn good.