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Strange GPU drama's post house move


Jul 25, 2010
Hi all

I moved house a couple of months back and as is standard when a major move happens my computer started misbehaving once reconnected (I swear I'm careful with the damn thing >_<).

Basically the main DVI port on the primary GPU (I run 2 6950's) doesn't output anything, however the secondary port on it does and it's HDMI port does (although the image quality out of that was abysmal but that is likely fixable playing with settings). I haven't tried the DP's because my monitor's lack the connections and I lack the cables. As I run 2 monitors this has led me to running one plugged into either card which is causing it's own issues I'll get too below.

My first question is can anybody think of a simple reason it would start behaving this way, I'm assuming some kind of damage I can't fix and just have to deal with but I thought it was worth asking in here see if anyone had a brainwave ^_^

My second question although this is likely a result of having a monitor plugged into both cards or something silly like that and maybe unfixable without sorting the first problem is windows comes up with 'performance is low' error's even when I'm just browsing the net on one monitor and watching a show on the other and kills Aero which is damn annoying, I haven't been able to find anyway to switch off the 'auto-detect' that's obviously broken (nothing runs slowly prior to the switch)

P.S While I technically could just switch to the secondary card as the 'primary' card, it's a cheap model I got 2nd-hand to play with Xfire and the fans on it are awful...not an issue if I'm playing a high end game with headphones on etc which would be the case when I activate Xfire but as my primary GPU it'd drive me (and my housemates) insane >_<

So yes any tips for either problem would be greatly appreciated. (Full specs in the signature at the bottom)
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