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Speculating: nVIDIA CPU and x86 emulated Windows

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Jul 16, 2016
I don't think AMD had a choice, they needed the money.
The story behind those layoffs was far more disgusting. Read's legacy basically killed ATi in the most brutal fashion possible. All I can hope is that David Wang and Lisa mend the ties and bring back the amazing talent they lost.

Their AI/Machine learning systems still need a host CPU. Every time they build one of their DGX-2 compute boxes, they need to pay Intel $12000 for the Xeons to go in it. Theoretically NVidia could make a host CPU which included NVLink, and integrated much more tightly with the GPU cluster.
Could go for EPYC 2 ;)

In any case they don't sell enough volume of those stations to justify spending the necessary resources to have a chance at high perf CPU's. They're better off just buying off of Intel/AMD who can amortize the development costs over already established and strong markets.