speaker suggestions


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Aug 17, 2006
I drive a '99 Grand Am SE 2 door. Reccommend me some front speakers (4"x6") and some back speakers (6"x9"). I want some speakers that will really crank, not pop once I turn up the volume. Reasonable prices are all I ask... no cheapies and nothing over say $200.

PS. The car is red and has 65k miles on it if that makes any difference.

PPS. I know that doesn't make a difference, I just like to brag.



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Nov 10, 2004
Bluetooth - Allows you to connect a bluetooth capable phone to your stereo. You can now make/receive calls through your stereo (hands free). Some even allow you to stream music on your phone to the stereo via bluetooth.

USB port - Allows you connect a usb flash drive containing music files and play them back through your stereo. Some even let you connect hard drives with your whole music collection on it.