Speaker Box


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Nov 22, 2000
I've got a '95 Chevy pickup (regular cab) and I'm sick of not being able to put my seat all the way back because my speaker box is in the way. I've currently got a 12" sub in a box that is 8.5" deep at the bottom. I'd be willing to go to (2) 10" or (2) 8" subs if I could get a box with a couple of inches less depth. Does anybody know of a good small pickup box?



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Jul 24, 2001
Originally posted by: reicherb
Are they just made of OSB with felt on the outside?

usually mdf with felt on the outside. I don't think OSB would work too well


Mar 3, 2000
3/4 MDF and a roll of that carpeting stuff. You can get it at Wal-Mart or an autoparts store.

Spray adhesive and solvent for the carpeting.

I built a couple boxes for some 8 inch woofers that I was using for midbass. I made them square because it was easier and I didn't really care if they were cool looking, I just wanted them to be simple and look nice. I bought the MDF at Lowes and had dimensions for the squares and had them cut them for me. I used a jig saw to cut out the opening for the speaker. Drilled some holes and then screwed the pieces together. I sealed the seams with some sort caulk that was appropriate for that use. I drilled a hole for the speaker wire, ran the wire through, then I sealed that.

Cut the carpet up and glued the pieces to the box. I used the solvent to clean the corners so that you couldn't tell where the seams in the carpet was.