Sound skipping on Epox 8K7A+


Apr 7, 2001
Here's my system:

Epox 8K7A+ (AMD 761/ VIA 686B)
AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.4 Ghz 266 MHz FSB
512 MB (2x 256 MB) Crucial PC2100 DDR
Asus V7100 2V1D GeForce2 MX200
Hercules Game Theater XP
Linksys LNE100TX NIC
Creative Ovation 12x DVD
Sony Spressa 12/8/32x CDRW
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 40 GB 7200 rpm hdd
Enlight En-7237 w/300W PSU
Windows 2000 Professional (Original release)

I had many kinks in the system when I first got everything set up, but I managed to fix all but one of them. No matter what I try, whenever any audio plays for more than the length of the buffer, it skips and then returns to regular playback for the rest of the audio file. It doesn't matter what player I use (I tried Winamp, WMP, Lava, WinDVD, Cakewalk 9, and Acid 2.0) or what file type it is (mp3, wav, real audio, midi, etc.). What could be wrong? Has this happened to anyone else with the Hercules GTXP?


Senior member
Apr 27, 2000
try two things. One is try moving the card sound card into another pci slot and see if the skipping stops. The second is maybe try a defrag. Sometimes skipping is from the harddrive not being able to access the data fast enough for the player.