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May 13, 2001
Should I try to sell this? If so, what should I ask? This was an Hp. The first power supply went bad, so it got a new case and power supply.
ATX case with 250 watt power supply
AMD-K6 3D Processor(333mhz) Intel MMX Technology, and state that it can be overclocked to 500-520mhz
62MB Ram
SIS 5597 onboard video
SIS 5598 mobo w/3 pci slots
7.46GB hard drive
no floppy, no cd drive


should I overclock it to 500-520mhz myself and put a 52x cd and floppy drive in it, more ram(96mb) and ask for more $
Help me out, what do you guys think?
I also have a Compaq 15inch monitor that I am thinking of including

Sorry, we don't allow price checks at AnandTech, as they too easily turn into auctions. If you want to place prices on your equipment and repost this in FS/T, you are welcome to do so.

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