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Sep 24, 2019
Greetings folks,
I currently have 5.1 set up as attached pictures shows, it will be replaced with Q Acoustics 3010i Cinema Pack 5.1 and later plan to expand to dolby atmos with (probably) speakers on ceiling.
Altough with 5.1. set up the sorround speakers should be placed on the sides (little bit behind listener) I would like to keep mine in the back as If using as sides it seems to me they woud be to close to fronts. Also the listening position I mentioned is in front of table when playing games but can change when watching films so then side speakers would become another front speakers :).

My question is regarding rear left speaker. I planned to mount to side wall (just above the current positiion which is alligned with right rear speaker which is in the shelf) but I found it seems with mount I ordered the speaker will not be able to fire directly to the front (what seems would be best with my speaker positions). I guess its not harm if I mount rear left speaker on the back wall? Then rear left speaker will be cca 15cm (0.5feet) farther than rear right speaker but I beleive AV receiver will be able to compensate?
Any other suggestions welcomed.


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Sep 13, 2001
Yeah your AVR should be able to boost the volume of the rear left one a little bit so that the sound at the main listening position "sounds" the same level. My rear left one is probably like 5+ feet further away than my rear right one so I have it up a bit more.
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