Sony Vegas


Jan 6, 2002
Bought version 7 from my neighbor who is ditching his PC for a Mac. I figured out how to do basic PIP stuff, for anyone who has experience with Vegas tell me if this makes any sense.
I'm building a slide show, easy enough. What I want to do is build a motion menu, and in the menu I'll have basically all the images from the slide show, but instead of being full screen they'll be 180x120 and titled across the entire screen and animate like a slide show.

Currently I'm using the track motion tool which seems pretty basic, but is there a better way to achieve this effect? No actual video clips here, just JPG images that have transition FX's. So it will end up looking like a wall of TV's with the picture changing on each randomly.

I have 16 layers, levels whatever you call them in video editing, one for each 180x120 image. As I add more images which will transition in I place them on whichever layer represents that part of the screen (If this makes sense...)

The way I'm doing it seems like it will take forever, I don't mind spending the time to do it, but if there's a more effective way to accomplish this effect I'm all ears! This is my first real experience using Vegas so I'm still wet behind the ears.