Something Has Gone Wrong.. No Boot


Dec 15, 2004
my current PC:

Asus AVS733
Athlon 1800XP
1GB PC2700 Ram
Radeon 9800 Pro
Audigy Gamer

It crashed last night while playing Battlefield 2 and now the PC won't boot at all. I mean literally, it won't boot to the Bios screen or XP. I press the power button and the LEDs come on, but nothing else happens. My monitor doesn't even display a signal, as if the computer was off. The hard drive light is a solid red, no blinking, and I don't hear any clicking from the drive. I've dissconnected it from the outlet and waited a little bit... but nothing.

I switched monitors to see if that was the problem, but no signal is being sent to either monoitors I tried. I reset the CMOS, and it still doesn't start up. The fans and LEDs are on, but the hard drive light is a solid rfed and there is no other activity.

I even made my Slave HD the master to see if it at least recognized another drive. Nothing.

So I removed almost everything. I took out the 9800 PRO, the Audigy and two other PCI cards I had in there. Still doesn't beep or anything. Just the fans come on.

I decided to try another video card, a Radeon 9600 PRO, still no signal to a CRT monitor I used instead of my LCD. Heck, I even took both sticks of 512 RAM out, and nothing. I tried with one stick of RAM, nothing still.

So the only three possible problems are:

Power Supply

The power supply is an Austin 450W and 2 years old. The fan is still working in it and it 'seems' fine. Besides, why would the fans and LEDS and both DVD drives power up at boot if the PS is bad. I see the lights on my DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drives briefly light up, and the floppy drive light turns on but nothing else happens. Perhaps Battlefield 2 overworked my CPU? The minimum specs for the game is a 1.7 GHz, and mine is a 1.6 GHz. Could that really be enough to overstress the MB or Processor?


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May 14, 2005
thats a fd up problem them. take your pc by a freidns , strip it apart and try out each part. i think something over heated while playing it lol. but hey its time to upgrade any way if you got the cash


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Aug 8, 2004
It cant "overwork" your cpu. It just used it to its fullest and aparantly something in your system wasnt able to handle the stress. So no, the software didnt kill it. It simply caused an already weak componant to finish kicking the bucket