"Sold" something on eBay, buyer hasn't paid...options?

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Oct 18, 2014
Dealing with one right now.


He got in a bidding war with others at the last second, so I know he wanted it. Gasped in horror when I saw the (0). I had hoped to list it again last Sunday or send a second chance offer but I gave him the chance to respond instead. Now eBay requires me to was four more days and I can't list it this Sunday either. It's been long enough that I doubt the next buyers in line are going to be interested in second chance offers anymore.

I absolutely think sellers should have the option of blocking buyers from auctions. As it is now you can only block those with a certain amount of negatives and it's bullshit. Sell a $20 item to a (0) who cares, but let's say it's $2k and some (0) guy comes in at the last second. Would you feel comfortable with that? I sure wouldn't. Ebay should give sellers the ability to limit the market and, if they make less money because they are only allowing very credentialed buyers, so be it.

I've had very, very few problems on ebay but the potential is always there.


Jun 24, 2001
Like... last week?
Nope. Back when they practically couldn't sell them.

First copy I paid too much for near launch and I have it to this day. The second I paid $10 for on clearance. The third I paid $7.50 for on clearance and gave it to my future (now current) roommate, who wasn't interested because he just played my open copy instead. Now he wants me to sell his sealed copy, which is in pretty rough shape.