Software like CPU-Z - but not CPU-Z

Discussion in 'Software for Windows' started by wwswimming, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. wwswimming

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    I installed the new version of CPU-Z on a system running Vista.

    It does not work - it reads a stock 3 GHz CPU as 2 GHz.

    Even Control Panel/ System is not reading right - it just says "E6850 at 3 GHz", or something like that (when it's overclocked).

    When the system is set with a 40% OC, CPU-Z reads 2 GHz.

    If the BIOS says the CPU is running at 4.2 GHz, Control Panel/ System says 3 GHz, and CPU-Z says 2 GHz - which one is right ?

    I figure maybe Control Panel/ System is just for reading stock voltages, so it's not useful for overclocking.

    But it would be nice to find a CPU-Z like software that will read the frequencies & everything.
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    Did you recently upgrade the CPU?
  4. Fardringle

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    CPU-z works just fine on my Vista machines. If Control Panel is reporting incorrect information about your CPU, it sounds like your motherboard BIOS does not recognize the processor properly. Check for a BIOS update that includes support for the CPU that you have installed.
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    Also, does it properly recognize what CPU it is? Meaning, your Q6600 is a Q6600 and your E6850 is actually an E6850. If so, the next question would be if you have something like Cool'n'Quiet or similar tech running that is trying to save the CPU by lowering the clock speeds. CPU-Z works fine on a few Vista machines I've overclocked. Haven't tried it on Win7 and have been lazy upgrading my main rig to Win7 though my secondary system, which is not as important has had it since RC.