So, I want to install a router and stuff...[update]


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Mar 9, 2005
Basically I don't really know how to do it, but a friend of mine did it for himself, so I'm sure it's not too hard... He also lives far away, so he can't really help me...

Anyway, if you guys can help me out... I don't have the hardware yet, but I want to be prepared.

I'm using a cable modem, if it changes anything. I'm going to use 1 PC with Wi-Fi and another with a cable...


Well I managed to install it, real easy...
But I've got 2 problems, I just couldn't understand how to block ports, and how to password/encode my connection.

Basically I read the manual but I got kind of lost, with all the Wep, and RADIUS and stuff like that, so I'll upload the manual, and if you guys can help I'd REALLY appreciate it...
Oh, and basically all ports are open right now, but I didn't understand how to open ports (when you choose to close all ports except the ones you list) and maybe you guys can give me the ports that are used usually? (web,MSN, BT,BS,Steam)

Oh, for some reason I can't upload it to some free servers, can any of you guys give me your Emails (or give me some site to upload the file? it's 800KB)?

OK here's a place:
That server sucks though, so it may not be up. You can try 10 or 20 minutes later...


Apr 10, 2001
sure. if you need instant messaging it will be a problem..even if you need phone help I'd be glad to help as would a bunch of other people:)



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Oct 25, 1999
The pages below were written a while ago. Ignore the prices and the Hardware recommendations, stick to the principles.[/i]

Link to: AnandTech - FAQ. Basic Options for Internet Connection Sharing

Link to: AnandTech - FAQ. Hubs, routers, switches, DSL, LANs, WANs...?

Link to: AnandTech - FAQ. What do I need for wireless Networking?
(Ignore the prices in the above link).

The whole thing should look like this.

General Networking,

Router and Cable Internet, How to Fix Cable/DSL Internet authentication (password).