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    I didn't see a general thread for electronic home type of stuff, figured it might as well go in the "Gadgets" sub-forum since there's a lot of neat little smarthome gadgets floating around. There's always new stuff coming out & stuff I haven't seen before related to home tech, so it'd be nice to have a general thread to browse through. I am now adding new links to the Table of Contents below.


    Home Automation (HA) & "Smarthome" technology is a growing field that can give you a variety of benefits such as energy savings, convenience, and enhanced functionality. You can get into it on a DIY level with products like INSTEON, a service level with systems like ADT Pulse, or a turnkey commercial system with systems like Crestron. It all depends on your budget & your willingness to tinker. If you can think it up, chances are someone has already made it, and if they haven't, you can probably build it yourself using a variety of cool tools like Arduino. Have fun reading!

    Table of Contents:

    1. News & Resources
    2. Commercial Systems
    3. Services
    4. DIY Smarthome Systems
    5. DIY Software
    6. DIY Commercial Gadgets
    7. Lighting
    8. HVAC
    9. Doors
    10. Windows
    11. Music, Home Theater, and Voice Control
    12. Camera, Alarm, and Security Systems
    13. Robotic Cleaning & Maintenance
    14. Power Systems
    15. Standalone electronic gadgets
    16. Non-electronic gadgets
    17. Projects
    18. Kickstarter
    19. Information for research
    20. Articles

    1. News & Resources:
    AVSforum's Home Automation section
    Automated Home Blog
    CEDIA Home Technology Association (famous for their expos)
    CNET Smart Home
    Connected Crib
    Electronic House (magazine & website)
    Houzz Smarthome section and Houzz Home Automation section
    Internet of Things
    Lifehacker's Home Automation articles
    MAKE Blog
    Smart Homes Digest

    Subtopic: Forums
    Cocoontech forums
    MiCasaVerde forums forums

    2. Commercial Systems:
    Bitwise Controls

    3. Services:
    ADT Pulse home automation/security
    AT&T Digital Life
    Comcast XFINITY home control & security
    Cox Homelife
    Frontpoint wireless home security
    LifeShield wireless home security
    Oplink Connected
    Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home
    Viper Home
    Vivent home automation/security/solar

    4. DIY Systems:
    Almond+ Zigbee & Zwave home automation router
    Nexia Home Intelligence (Zwave-compatible)
    Revolv unified connected home (integrates commercial products, i.e for stuff like INSTEON, Philips Hue, etc.)
    Vera Control (home of VeraLite)
    Belkin WeMo
    Lowes Iris home control system
    HAL (Home Automated Living)
    Ubiquiti mFi
    GE Home Automation
    Neurio Home Intelligence
    Embedded Automation mHome (home of mControl; forum)
    LightwaveRF smartphone controls
    Aviosys IP control hardware
    iAutomate RFID systems
    Wink Hub
    inControl (Zwave, Clipsal, Foscam, Wemo, etc.)

    Subtopic: X10 equipment
    WGL & Associates

    Subtopic: INSTEON equipment

    Subtopic: Z-wave equipment
    Aeotec by Aeon Labs
    NorthQ power reader kits
    TKB Home (home of the plug-in energy meter)

    Subtopic: Relays
    National Control Devices web relays
    Global Cache network relays (contact closure, network to IR, network to Serial)
    SainSmart Arduino-compatible relays (iOS & Android-compatible)

    Subtopic: Micro-controller boards
    Raspberry Pi
    Spark Core

    Subtopic: Standalone sensors
    Proteus Sensor (wifi motion, door, water, temperature & humidity, and motion/picture alert sensors)

    5. DIY Software:
    Indigo (Mac)
    HomeSeer (Windows)
    HouseLinc (free for Windows - INSTEON-baseD)
    MisterHouse (free for Win/Linux/Mac)
    PowerHome2 for Windows
    Premise (discontinued by Motorola in 2005, but is available free with a good SDK & active community)
    Open Source Automation
    gnhast for NetBSD (only those with neckbeards need apply)
    Haiku for iOS
    OpenHAB (ridiculous amount of binding support, everything from Asterisk to Philips Hue)
    The Thing System

    Subtopic: Other useful software
    Macro Express Windows macro programming
    AutoIT Windows scripting
    Tasker Total automation for Android
    FreeNAS (turn an old computer into a file server)
    VMware ESXi (virtualization OS for hosting different OS's on a single computer)
    MacOS Automation resource site (covers AppleScript, Services, and Automator)
    Keyboard Maestro OSX macro software for Mac

    6. DIY Commercial Gadgets:
    Quirky Smart Products (dashboard, smart egg tray, spotter, porkfolio, etc.)
    HP Slate 21 (21" Android tablet, VESA-mountable, touchscreen with keyboard/mouse included, great for the kitchen/entry-way, etc. for recipes/calendars/Pandora/etc.)

    7. Lighting:
    Philips Hue variable-color Wifi-controlled LED light bulbs
    LIFX variable-color Wifi-controlled LED light bulbs
    Lumen Bulb variable-color Bluetooth-controlled LED light bulbs
    Luxera LED smartphone control for their LED light bulbs
    Ube smartphone light control

    8. HVAC:
    Nest Thermostat
    Honeywell Smart Thermostat
    Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat (Nest competitor + proximity sensor + smartphone GPS triggers + maintenance reminders)
    Mitsubishi Mr. Slim (per-room heating & cooling system, even more specific than zoned HVAC!)
    Dyson Bladeless fans (new ones include built-in heaters; vertical models also available)
    Ecobee smart thermostat
    Aprilaire network thermostats
    Escea indoor & outdoor remote-controlled fireplace (ex. turn on with an iPhone) video

    9. Doors:
    Lockitron Wifi deadbolt locker
    Doorbot Wifi doorbell with camera
    Skybell Wifi doorbell with camera
    Goji smart lock
    August smart lock
    Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth door lock
    Yale Real Living Zigbee/Zwave touchscreen deadbolt
    Schlage locks
    Chamberlain MyQ Wifi garage door opener
    Okidokey smart keys

    10. Windows:
    Somfy Systems (motorized awnings/shutters/shades/blinds/projection screens) * Now with a solar power option
    Hunter-Douglas hardwired motorized blinds motorized shades (very budget-friendly! simple remote control, easy to retrofit existing windows with)
    Lutron automated window systems (roller shades, Venetian blinds, drapery tracks, vertical drapery, tensioned shades, horizontal sheer blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades, Roman shades with CERUS cordless uptake system; wireless control available)
    Crestron Shades Rigorously-tested motors, 400+ fabrics, variety of options
    Pella Insynctive between-the-glass, inside-mount, and out-side mount blinds & shades

    11. Music, Home Theater, and Voice Control:
    Sonos wireless whole-house audio system
    Apple Airport Express wireless music audio receiver
    Airfoil for Mac & Windows (setup computers as Airplay receivers)
    Logitech Bluetooth wireless speaker adapter
    Home Theater Direct Lync whole-house audio & intercom system
    Logitech Harmony computer-programmable TV remote controls (pulls from an online list of vendors & codes = super easy)
    Remote Buddy (iOS universal remote control software)
    Hunter Fan Concert Breeze ceiling fans with built-in speakers
    Niles Audio whole-house audio system
    Plex (Media Server + Client Player)
    Extron multimedia controls
    Monoprice equipment (cheap cables, among other things)
    Aether voice-activated streaming cone

    Sub-topic: Voice Control
    (project) Whole-house microphones for voice commands in every room
    Amazon Echo

    12. Camera, Alarm, and Security Systems
    Zmodo Security Camera DVR
    Swann Security Camera DVR
    Defender Security Camera DVR (includes wireless camera options)
    EvoCam software for Mac
    Security Spy software for Mac
    Dropcam (easy wireless security camera with cloud storage)
    SimpliCam (nice alternative to Dropcam)
    Canary home security device
    Piper home security & automation device
    Nest Protect (smart smoke/CO2 detector)
    Foscam individual IP cameras (great for baby cams)
    SimpliSafe wireless security system
    Protect America security system
    Logitech Alert security cameras
    QNAP Survellience NAS (compatible with a large variety of cameras)

    13. Robotic Cleaning & Maintenance:
    Roomba robotic vacuum
    Scooba robotic washer
    Braava robotic floor mopper
    Looj robotic gutter cleaner
    Mirra robotic pool cleaner
    Lawnbott robotic lawnmower & Probotics accessories * Check out Kwik Kerb for mower-friendly curbs around your house, perimeter, and shrubs to create a 100% enclosed yard
    RainMachine forecast lawn sprinkler controller (for water conservation)
    HydroFLASH Irrigation Control (Wifi-controlled lawn sprinkler controller)
    Ladybug Steam Cleaning system (expensive but awesome)

    14. Power Systems:
    Solar City resident solar panels & batteries
    Generac whole-house automatic-switchover generators
    Whole-House Surge Protectors (Home Depot listing)
    Kill-a-Watt Power Monitoring (new versions include surge strips, wireless monitoring, and motion sensor detection)
    Efergy Whole-House Power Monitors
    NewerTech Power2U USB + A/C wall outlets (2 A/C jacks & 2 USB charging ports)
    Smart Power Strip (currently on Kickstarter; I have a MonoStrip from Visible Energy but would definitely like something better!)
    Legrand Adorne Modular under-counter lighting & fancy lightswitches (touch, tap, etc.)
    Milbank Synap6 ATS Intelligent transfer switch for up to 6 power inputs (grid, battery, wind, solar, etc.)

    15. Standalone electronic gadgets:
    iStorm touchless hand dryer
    CleanCUT Paper Towel Dispenser (touchless paper towel dispenser that can cut to any size to reduce waste)
    Eye-Vac EVPRO touchless dustpan vacuum
    Simple Human Touchless Trash Cans
    Leviton Occupancy Sensors (for automatic lights etc.)
    Gojo Soap Dispenser ($13 electronic foaming soap/moisturizer dispenser; $45-ish for a 2-pack of refills @ 2,000 doses each)
    Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System (automatic liquid dish soap dispenser; I like using Dobie foam scrubbers)
    Dyson Airblade Tap water faucet with air dryer (wash & dry your hands at the sink)
    Mailbox alert (chimes when snailmail is delivered)
    Light-o-Rama (build crazy-awesome holiday light shows with music, watch the videos!)
    ChannelBrite & TrimLight permanent holiday lights
    Warmly Yours heated towel racks
    Cook-n-Dine stainless steel cooktops (including round & outdoor models!)
    Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop kit (like the awesome Swiffer WetJet, but the sponge is washable & you can make the cleaner yourself to save a ton of cash!)
    Legrand wire management (including the pop-out Adorne outlet; home of Wiremold)
    TurboChef ovens
    Blendtec blenders
    Automatic door opener
    Build your own CNC (then use it to build other stuff for your house!)

    Sub-topic: Water Gadgets
    Island Sky Corporation Skywater machines (dehumidifier with filter to turn into drinking water = endless "free" water!)
    Moen ioDigital Shower Controller
    Delta touch & touchless faucets (touch sensors & motion sensors)
    Tankless drinking water cooler (hot & cold like a Poland Springs drinking water dispenser)
    Leakfrog water leak alarm
    Point-of-use flood stop systems (ex. washing machines & sinks)
    Flo-N-Stop remote control watermain shutoff system (automatically closes upon power loss)
    Droplet Cloud-connected plant sprinkler
    FloodMaster leak detection & automatic shutoff
    Wally Home smart leak sensor (works with Nest)
    BriskHeat self-regulating indoor/outdoor heating cable (dedicated site available with accessory bundles - system is designed to prevent pipes from freezing)

    16. Non-electronic gadgets: (smart"er" stuff)
    Kleenex Cool-Touch Moisturizing Tissues (never get nose rash again when you get a cold!)
    Ziploc Slider Bags (various plastic bags with a zipper instead of the stupid press-to-seal lining)
    TV dinner trays (make your own TV dinners! bulk pack, microwave/dishwasher/freezer-safe; 3-compartment models also available, as well as oven-safe models)
    Cascade Action Pacs (dishwasher pellets with dishwasher detergent & rinse aid; bulk bins available on Amazon)
    Add-a-trap (put an end to clogged sinks forever!)
    Plug1 gas shutoff switch
    Floodchek no-burst washing machine hose
    DryerBox (recessed dryer exhaust hose box to prevent hose squish)
    Smart Vent (flood vent)
    Thermocrete chimney system
    Quakehold picture hooks & SnagToggle high-performance anchors
    Sugru self-setting rubber (too many applications to list, just browse their website)
    DrainNet floor drain strainers
    Gutter Edge vinyl exterior gutter stain guard
    SharkBite PEX fittings (easiest plumbing method...ever)
    Platinum Tools EZ Ethernet crimper (connectors & strain relief pack)
    American Plumber Whole-House water filtration system
    Residential fire sprinkler system (good articles here and here & at Bob Vila's site; average whole-house cost is $6k; HFS Coalition & FEMA resources)
    DripTite (water-catch pans for washing machines, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks)
    Bauco access panels

    17. Projects:
    Voice-controlled Home Automation with Android
    iPhone Garage Door Opener with Arduino
    Physical mailbox delivery notifier with iPhone & Arduino
    Raspberry Pi & Arduino Smarthome Project on a Raspberry Pi & Arduino smarthome project)

    18. Kickstarter:
    Ninja Sphere home controller
    myLifter iPhone-controlled garage winch for ceiling storage
    Sprav shower energy & water meter
    Garagio Smartphone garage door opener
    Mr. Postman
    Curuba Home Automation Open Project

    19. Information for research:
    Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)
    X10 Industry Standard & X10 Wireless Technology (vendor)
    ZigBee & XBee
    Home Automation

    20. Articles:
    Digital Trends: Your home is dumb, but making it smart is cheaper than you think
    Lifehacker: Transform Your Digs into a Home of the Future, DIY-Style

    Search tags for Google: (since I'm not aware of any directory on the net quite like this one) smarthome, smart home, home automation, electronic home, electronic house, list, master list, list of smarthome parts, vendors, suppliers, HA, smarthome big list
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    wow, legendary.
  4. Kaido

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    Compiled notes from years of neffing :biggrin:

    There's just so much stuff out there that no one has ever heard of, but a lot of it is really really awesome. And there's differently levels...basic plug & play stuff just off the shelf, mid-grade stuff for tinkerers like Indigo/HomeSeer & INSTEON/Arduino, and then the pro stuff like Crestron & Savant. All depends on budget/goals/level of involvement desired. I've played around with a lot of this stuff both professional & personally and there's some really cool gear out there!
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    Very nice list. Thanks. I'm looking into doing this for our house.
  6. Kaido

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    Glad you like it! It mostly boils down to budget vs. involvement. If you have a low budget, you can make just about anything available commercially, but you have to put in the time to learn the programming, buy the parts, etc. If you have a large budget, you can just pay Control4 or Savant to design pretty much anything you can dream of. My buddy does home automation at work and recently put in a $1 million install in a high-end NYC apartment, it was amazing! Everything you could think of or dream of & more! :biggrin:

    It's really cool what's available now too - stuff like Wifi doorbells with cameras in them and INSTEON, which lets you do all of the basic smarthome stuff like door sensors & motion detectors. The "Internet of Things" is definitely growing - I'd really like to see more standardization so you could pick which control software you want & then easily tie everything into it. Indigo for Mac is getting there (support for X10, INSTEON, Zwave, Philips Hue bulbs, Sonos Audio Players, Nest Thermostats, etc.) but it requires a Mac and needs to be on 24/7. Lots of stuff to mess with out there, just need the bucks to do it! ;)
  7. Kaido

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    Added a TOC, was getting a tad hard to read. Now it's just plain overwhelming ;)
  8. RossMAN

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    Well said and completely agree, definitely Elite caliber if you ask me :whiste:
  9. Kaido

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    Well, we gotta wait until I finish sorting out the INSTEON product inventory into my wiki first ;)

    I'd also like to have a section for neat home building materials, although those aren't really gadgets, and there's always so many options available that it's more of a personal-preference kind of thing, so I'll probably just throw that on my personal wiki as well - maybe over the holiday break. Just a quick laundry-list sample:
    There's just a million things out there that make life better that aren't exactly public knowledge because of marketing budgets etc. - stuff like building your house out of concrete instead of flammable wood, stone-coated steel roofing that looks normal but lasts a lifetime, stamped asphalt driveways with a colored epoxy coating so they look great but can handle frost heave & not need constant patching, and so on. We're already living in the future as far as building materials & advanced home technology goes, but it's so spread out that it's just hard to put all of the pieces together without doing a tremendous amount of personal research or hiring a team to handle it for you.
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    This is an interesting market but the prices for everything are so grossly overinflated that its really a turn off. But that's to be expected since this sector is driven by people who want to throw serious money around. But when it comes down to it why would anyone want to spend $299 just to be able to control your light switch or your heater vent with your phone? It's actually more work to utilize most of these systems.
  11. vshah

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    awesome list. I'm looking into getting a VeraLite and some z-wave switches in the near future.
  12. Kaido

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    Feb 14, 2004
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    Thanks, added Vera Controls to the list. I'm sure there's a bunch I'm still missing! So much cool stuff out there...
  13. Kaido

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    That's the biggest catch - it's not cheap. Which wouldn't be so bad if it was 100% reliable, but it's not. Standard wire is 100% effective 100% of the time, it just never fails (there's always exceptions, but generally speaking - flip on the lightswitch, the light comes on - flip it off, it goes off). When you introduce automation, you introduce additional expense and additional failure points. I have never seen a home automation system that works 100% like traditional wire systems. The new systems are getting there and are almost 100%, but's not like it's running a life support system, so it is prone to error despite the cost.

    And it's also expensive getting niche electronic products out. You can do a lot of stuff with relays, Arduino, etc., but even that stuff starts to add up. I was starting to experiment with using Raspberry Pi's for whole-house audio using Raspbmc (XBMC for Pi) with the Airplay feature, but by the time you get the whole thing built & running, you can just buy an Airport Express for $99 and get regular updates and low power usage. So it's really hard to get something good out for cheap, and once the cost goes up, you have to question whether it's really worth it or not - you have to deal with the cost, setup, maintenance, and bugs that go along with automation.

    I think we need communication standards. I think we need communication security so it's not easily hackable. I think we need more generic programming software (talks to standard communications protocols), as well as more user-friendly programming software (like drag & drop stuff). You can do virtually anything you want in MisterHouse, but it's not easy if you're not already into programming. Indigo is pretty great, but doesn't support the whole breadth of available products and requires a full-on computer (Mac, in this case) to be running 24/7. But then stuff like the INSTEON Hub, a dedicated controller with some really nice smartphone control features, gets absolutely terrible reviews in terms of actual performance. So it's a difficult field to be in.

    I'd like to see more stuff like the Lowes Iris be able to go down to Home Depot and buy "smart" devices, like a 2-port A/C wall outlet that has GFCI, TRR, USB ports, remote on/off/dim, network control, and power monitoring. Does it have a circuit breaker? Is it safe from kids? Can I charge my mobile device without having to find an adapter plug? Can I turn it on or off remotely? If a lamp is connected to it, can I dim it? How much power is it using? All of that for $15 per outlet please :biggrin:

    I was really into smarthomes for awhile, but then I realized it's really overkill for what I want, so that's when I got more interested in home automation. Stuff like, when you're in bed at night, you can open an app and see if all of your windows are closed, doors are shut & locked, garage door is down, and then flip off all the lights in the house. Simple. The rest seems easier through dedicated systems. I like Plex + Roku for my movies & TV shows. I like Airplay + Airfoil Remote for music everywhere. It doesn't have to be overly-complex, just meet the need. So I think I'm more of a fan of smarter homes than smart homes, if that makes sense ;)
  14. Kaido

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  15. vshah

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  16. Kaido

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    Nice! I added a new section to the TOC - "#16: Projects" and stuck it under there. That can house custom endeavors like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Android, etc.-based systems.
  17. Kaido

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    I also added SimpliSafe under "DIY Systems": (smartphone-compatible)

    This is a really nice DIY wireless security system that has a lot of additional sensors. Their basics include:

    1. Keypad
    2. Entry Sensor
    3. Motion Sensor
    4. Keychain Remote
    5. Smoke Detector
    6. Panic Button
    7. Glassbreak Sensor
    8. Water Sensor
    9. Freeze Sensor
    10. CO Detector

    So you've got your entry & control methods (keypad, remote, panic button) and your sensors (entry, motion, smoke, CO, glassbreak, water, freeze). It is capable of handling up to 41 sensors; the wireless sensors use off-the-shelf lithium batteries that can last up to 5 years. The base station also has a built-in rechargeable battery for power outages. In addition, you can easily relocate sensors or take them with you when you move because they use standard 3M strips to adhere to the wall.

    It also works with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones and you can get SMS alerts (based on the optional monthly service package you get). They offer a cellular-based monthly monitoring service (with no contract, quit anytime) for $15 a month - no landline needed ($20/mo adds SMS/email alerts and $25/mo adds more features). The equipment is also ridiculously reasonable - their "Ultimate" package with tons of stuff runs under $600 and their basic ones are under $250.
  18. vshah

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    any solutions out there for whole house microphone systems? one mic in each room type thing.
    once I buy a house I want to have an always-listening type system set up.
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  19. Kaido

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    Closest I've seen is an HTD Lync system, but that's just a whole-house intercom system (with whole-house audio):

    What would probably work the best is a bunch of cheap tablets or Android-based MP3 players with an open-air microwave connected to each one for audio input - one per room. Some reading for ya here:

    They used HAL (Home Automation Living) for their backend, which apparently is very voice-oriented:

    It's definitely an interesting problem to look at. Car manufacturers are getting good at it with their in-cabin microphones for system voice commands; my buddy's new Moto X Android phone has an always-on mic that suppposedly recognizes the sound of his specific voice (I think it's the "OK Google" feature on 4.4 KitKat).
  20. vshah

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    ideally i'd like to hack something together with motox + several mics mixed down, with the output tied to the motox somehow. maybe just a cheap used motox in every room.

    man, i can't wait to buy my own house.
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  21. Kaido

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    Very cool Arduino board - the "Yun" model for $70:

  22. Kaido

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    Feb 14, 2004
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    Yeah that'd be pretty cool. The mic part would probably be easy with a bunch of choir mics and a mixer and some long XLR runs to centralize everything; the tricky part would be getting the voice input sent to the Moto X somehow. I'm sure there's some tricky ways of doing it, or at least a relay system for output to your phone. I know there's Prowl for iPhone, which lets you do custom push-notifications:

    And Google is integrating voice search into everything - even the Google homepage (at least in Chrome!), so I'm sure there's some way you could setup a data relay system...
  23. vshah

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    Sep 20, 2003
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    the simplest way would probably be just to hack the output of the mixer into a headset cable and get the levels right. I wonder if the motox can use always on listening on a headset.
  24. Kaido

    Kaido Elite Member & Kitchen Overlord

    Feb 14, 2004
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    Oh, you mean like have it permanently mounted somewhere instead of digitally forwarded to a phone in your pocket? Yeah, you could just like like a TRRS adapter so it acts like a headset input or something.
  25. noacess

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    I recently wired up my garage door to a RasPi with some relays over the GPIO pins. It works pretty well when paired with Tasker on Android and a web server. I also wired an Arduino with some distance sensors to detect when the doors are open and closed. Its amazing what you can do these days with such cheap hardware.
  26. Kneedragger

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    Very nice!! Thanks for spending the time putting that together!